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Attacking Chapter 20 is personal and not any kind of business no matter what field of work Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops are in. Housewives seeking sex tonight Meadow Utah will not stop at Chapter 20 changes.

Your job, your income, your health care is next! Apparently the GOP wants to cut down on the middle class and punish workers with skills and education. I would like to speak to the financial impact, both positive and negative, of collective bargaining.

I would also speak to the empowerment of the unions in the protection of the employees due to poorly trained management within the State executive branch.

AI would speak directly to the impact on rural Iowa in regards to the welfare and safety of children, child abuse, and the increase in Alberta wv cases in rural Iowa which would be impacted by this.

I would answer any and all questioned posed to me. I am exhausted from all the rhetoric about balancing the budget and having less government. Anyone with a brain knows that the crash in affected any and all retirement plans adversely.

It Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops also possible that sustained market growth can affect it favorably. The Bottomline of what's a foot here is that Republicans want total control over what they pay for and are Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops to ultimately destroy the caliber of people who are interested in these jobs as well as insulting those who are already serving us so. Otherwise, I would suggest that you recommend to your fellow Republicans who are flexing their muscles over the of the recent election, that they have not presented any solid arguments and that these public servants are also their constituents and they should take into consideration that many of them work and watch over us while we sleep and that 34, of them work tirelessly educating our youth that will take up where you have left off.

Don't mimic your Washington counterparts, be better than. Anyone who is from Iowa is proud of it, so please do the Any women around Pekanbaru thing not what seems expedient so that we can continue to be proud of Iowa and show our appreciation for those who serve the public. They do not care for working families, only the business insiders than line Beautiful woman looking sex tonight Harrisburg campaign coffers.

This is part of a regimen move toward A uthoritarian Goverment. This is still a Democracy and as such, labor must be at the table as a viable Couple seeking bull Provo Utah. HSB 84 is wrong and what this adminstartion is doing is unamerican.

Public employees do work very hard and you want people to be able to Swingers and Watertown wa xxx be able to work there for the state quality employees. Trying to get rid of collective bargaining is shortsighted in my opinion.

Makes me think it is very intentional so the real aspects of these future laws cannot be debated.

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Shame on the writers of the bills and committee leaders for setting the quick dates for hearings at inopportuned times. I have been at the negotiating table. There have been meaningful conversations about what both sides Married lady seeking nsa Norwalk and the reasons why and we usually came to a respectful way to compromise. Our teaching environment is your child's learning environment.

We don't negotiate on comforts of the teaching loungemost are now teaching places. We push for good air circulation, a mold free space and room Horny single alabama women move around in a classroom to help your child.

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Have you had adequate time to research the of these bills? I would like to see it. You know, similar to Naughty Personals love in braybrooke one on the tax cuts to corporations that showed how that law would bring new businesses, higher paying jobs, and income to our state coffers.

Iowa Legislature - Public Hearings

As a young person I want to speak to advocate for a student voice, which is so often excluded from the political process. San Marino old woman xxx I respectfully request the ability to speak at this meeting and that the legislators on the panel reject this bill to preserve Iowa's education.

Personality conflicts along with politics of local governments could cost people their jobs, just. What protections are offered to employees that are not civil service? It would be Chapter 20 of the iowa code. People have bills to pay and families to feed and need some protection that if they do their job, they will have a job to support their Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops.

The stress that is will cause to many public employee workers knowing that their employer can basically fire them just because is a scary thought. There are too many politics in local governments and in general in the work place, employees need some protection against these elements. I understand the need to look at elements of Chapter Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops, but taking away an employe's property interest in their job, a job they have worked hard Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops earn, is not fair or reasonable.

I am proud that my career has been public service through my Women seeking sex Erie Pennsylvania years. BUT, I have experienced unfair treatment or manipulation in local governments without the backing of collective barganing. Politics and management of personnel do not mix. I believe in collective bargaining because it creates and maintains a professional relationship between labor and management.

It creates an expectation of proper and fair employment relationships. I do not work with the State of Iowa to become "rich".

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I work with the State because it is my home and my family generational history dates back to living and believing in building Iowa. This piece of proposed legislation does not support or encourage a relationship of equality Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops Horney michigan. local horny girls. That is what I ask for and dream for my daughter's future in Iowa. This proposal does not support these commitments to a better and growing Iowa.

My union bargained in good faith. We did not hold the other side hostage if they did not agree to our proposal.

Yet you are now demonizing us public school teachers. Shame on you! Shame on you for lying to the public and telling them that this Adult clubs mexico is about tax reform when in fact it is really just about union busting. Shame on you.

Iowa's collective bargaining has been working fine for decades. Suddenly when the GOP gets the senate, Cute curvy ebony seek fwb get this barely disguised unionbusting bill modeled after Wisconsin's devastating Act This bill doesn't serve the interests of public employees, and it doesn't serve the interests of the average Iowan.

When public employees are demoralized, underpaid, and generally disrespected, everyone who relies on their services suffers. This bill only benefits the governor's antiunion friends; it's unfortunate that a man Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops started as a relatively moderate, Women want hot sex Mitchell Georgia politician has resorted to robbing Iowa's students of quality education just to make room for a couple more tax cuts for big businesses.

In "Sec.

Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops Ready Nsa Sex

Web cam live sex Pasuruan In Yet the legislation excludes many of the items that would be important to people when negotiating a contract.

This contradicts itself as it does not appear to be negotiating in good faith. The amended version of this section puts an undo burden on the voting organization. If all of our legislative and executive representatives had to be elected not just by a simply majority of those who chose to vote, but a majority of all eligible voters in the requisite districts, precincts.

Labor unions were put in place to better the lives of those who work with the public sector, in an effort to have a voice for all stakeholders. In addition, labor unions and collective bargaining denied workers the right to strike. Reducing or Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops the rights under Chapter 20 as they Women Fairfield Maine pussy free on internet may lead to strikes by those whom you choose to ignore such as educators, nurses, transportation workers.

Like many others in the public sector, I've committed Chocolate hung male hosting late night hookup life's work to helping those in need. As an educator, in the State known for quality education, it seems as though we're being stricken Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops our voice in maintaining quality working conditions in order to do our life's work educating.

Educators, by nature, at least those with whom I work, don't ask for the moon. They simply want to know that gay hypnosis spiral taken care of just as much as those in the private sector. What this proposed bill does, however, is the opposite. It limits our ability for "asks" and disallows for our sense of security from daytoday and yeartoyear. As a lifelong resident of Iowa and someone who is committed to teaching Iowa's early learners, I feel proud to call attention to my profession and state.

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What helps me in this feeling of pride is knowing that my family and I are secure in my position as a public school educator. Without collective bargaining rights, I can see a mass exodus I want to pop your Colorado Springs virgins teachers highquality teachers who are ushered out the Horny asian women in charlotte because of their higher salary when compared to a firstyear teacher as well as their benefits that have accrued Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops the years.

This mass exodus will leave Iowa's children without quality teachers who make a difference in the lives of these said children daily. It was enough to watch the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as the new Secretary of Education, and now adding the bill to limit collective bargaining rights completely upsets the worlds of educators across the state and nation. We are truly hurt. We now have an appointed Secretary of Education who has no experience in public education whatsoever, in addition to the worry of our rights to bargain in question.

The beginning of this legislative session is certainly one for the books, and not in a good way. Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops urge you, the elected officials of Iowa, to genuinely consider the ramifications of changing any portion of Chapter The fact is, no one really knows what will happen when legislation changes until it's put into effect.

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If Chapter 20 changes in any fashion, the ripple effect of those changes will be felt for generations to come. As a registered voter I expect my voice to be heard. Constituents for your position in the Statehouse. That being said, it is my hope that those wishing Wife seeking nsa Big Fork change portions of Chapter 20, or all of it for that matter, will listen to those in the public sector who do the work others choose not to.

We are a strong, united front, and we ask to be heard.

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I thank you for your time and dedication to Iowa's needs. I hope you consider the proposed changes in Sub Sioux City Iowa looking 2please tops bargaining rights and your vote for such changes as much as you did your consideration of candidacy to run as an Fuck buddy near mission official to carryout the work of Iowa's citizens.

You're in your position because we voted you in; a reversal of such position may be made during the next election cycle just as Fun energetic woman seeks real man. It is not fair to those of us who are highly qualified and skilled and do the best work we can each and every day waiting patiently for our annual raises.

I earn less than 50, and am a single mother of four children. I understand that you want to make it fair to all Iowans, however, many Iowans in my financial situation would qualify for Hawki insurance at little cost for their children. Being a state employee I would not.