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Tropical Palm Springs, CA Wedding | Sally & Jacob

Palm Springs,CA Wedding_0072.jpg

When I met Sally, 12 years ago, I never would have thought I was going to be photographing her Palm Springs, CA Wedding. I met Sally my Junior year of High School and the rest is history. We became the best of friends and have stayed close ever since. Fun fact, she actually caught the bouquet at *my* wedding and was the next one to get married! How fun, right?

When I first met Jacob, 5 years ago, I knew there was something different about him. Him and Sally had not been dating long at that point but they were already so sweet together. Jacob is about the quietest person I know and he didn’t say much when we first met. He didn’t have to say much though for me to know this was the real deal. It was the way he looked at her as we sat at that In and Out five years ago that told me he was pretty smitten with her and her with him. The rest was history. 

Fast forward 5 (almost 6 years) and I’m so unbelievably happy to have had the gift to photograph Sally and Jacob’s wedding. It was a special weekend full of friends and family. The tropical wedding theme was a perfect setting for their Palm Springs, CA wedding.  

Sally and Jacob, thank you SO SO SOOO much for asking David and I to be part of your special day. We are incredibly blessed to call you guys our friends <3



Palm Springs,CA Wedding_0073.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0076.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0125.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0077.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0074.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0075.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0078.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0079.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0080.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0081.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0082.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0084.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0085.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0086.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0083.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0088.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0087.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0089.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0090.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0091.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0092.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0093.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0094.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0095.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0096.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0097.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0098.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0099.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0100.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0101.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0102.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0103.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0104.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0105.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0106.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0107.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0108.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0109.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0118.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0110.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0111.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0112.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0113.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0114.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0115.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0116.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0117.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0119.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0120.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0121.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0122.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0123.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0124.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0130.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0126.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0128.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0127.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0129.jpgPalm Springs,CA Wedding_0131.jpg

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