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Monique & Bogar | Temecula Engagement Session

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Monique and Bogar weren’t suppose to have an engagement session. In fact, when Monique booked we clicked right away on many levels. Which is super important for me. I like to have a connection with my clients. After she booked I was so excited to start planning her engagement session and she so sweetly let me know that they didn’t need an engagement session. While I was totally supportive of that, I explained to her why engagement sessions are so important and why they play a huge role on your wedding day running much smoother. She quickly agreed and we set up their engagement session near Temecula,CA and oh boy am I glad they did.

These two were full of joy from the very beginning of our session. I absolutely loved capturing Bogar and Monique together and their natural interactions with one another. Bogar had such a sweet way of making Monique giggle. I didn’t even have to crack a dumb joke to get real smiles out of these two!

When I asked Monique to tell me about how Bogar proposed she completely lit up and I just knew it had to be a good story, and it was! Back in August of last year they took a trip to Ireland. He did some research and found a “Dark Sky Reserve” location which is a place with limited light pollution so the stars are clear at night. They grabbed a few blankets and relaxed on the beach in Ireland under those magical starts and he proposed! What a magical moment.

I’m so glad these two decided to do an engagement session after all! I loved getting to know them during our session together! Not to mention I totally loved all of their images and we had SO much fun together. If you are ever on the fence abut doing an engagement session believe me when I tell you, they are so worth it. You really get to know your photographer and it makes your wedding day run much smoother. You learn how they shoot and they learn how you photograph best! It’s a win win!



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