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Serendipity Garden Wedding | Giselle & Eric


This garden wedding was one for the books. Giselle and Eric were a dream, their venue was heavenly, the details were beautiful and their love for one another is just the sweetest. I first met Eric when he started working for Vanguard University with one of my best friends. Ironically, he was hired on with Vanguard University doing what I used to do for their SPS program! Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, back to their beautiful wedding… These two were pure perfection to say the least. 

Giselle looked stunning. It was no surprise that Eric was taken back during their first look. Watching the way Eric looked at Giselle throughout the day was my favorite part. Even though they had a first look, he looked at her walk down the isle as if it was the first time he had seen her on their wedding day. He looked at her with so much love. It was so heartwarming to not only be able to watch them together but to be able to capture their perfect wedding day for them. 

Their garden wedding at Serendipity Gardens in Yucaipa was definitely one for the books! It was beautiful and elegant. A garden wedding done right. Enjoy their beautiful day as much as I enjoyed capturing it. 



Garden Wedding-3.jpg

Garden Wedding-8.jpg
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