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Downtown San Diego Wedding | Emily & Andy

Downtown Wedding-110.jpg

Have you ever been to a downtown area in a major city? It’s crazy, right? Now picture that downtown area during one of the biggest conventions of the year. Not only was one of the biggest conventions of the year happening the weekend of Andy and Emily’s wedding but there was also a rock concert.  It sounds like total craziness but they made it seem like a total walk in the park. We embraced the downtown atmosphere for their family portraits, bridal portraits and their portraits as well. 

Their Downtown San Diego Wedding was totally amazing, crazy downtown events and all! It was fun and different. The ceremony was basically in one word… epic. They were married at the Sky Box in downtown San Diego. The Sky Box overlooks the entire downtown area. Not only was the downtown scenery behind them and it created a perfect picturesque scene but it was also golden hour (sunset). It was pure magic. 

Emily and Andy wanted something different and a little non traditional. Something different than what their parents and grandparents had done for their wedding. I think they achieved just that through their perfect downtown wedding. 

Andy and Emily, thank you SO much for letting me be part of your beautiful wedding day. Your day couldn’t have been any more perfect and it was truly an honor capturing it. Have fun on your honeymoon in Africa! Im totally jealous but so excited for y’all! 



Downtown Wedding-2.jpg

Downtown Wedding-3.jpg Downtown Wedding-1.jpg Downtown Wedding-5.jpg Downtown Wedding-6.jpg Downtown Wedding-10.jpg Downtown Wedding-8.jpg Downtown Wedding-16.jpg Downtown Wedding-20.jpg Downtown Wedding-9.jpg Downtown Wedding-13.jpg Downtown Wedding-18.jpg Downtown Wedding-22.jpg Downtown Wedding-23.jpg Downtown Wedding-29.jpg Downtown Wedding-31.jpg Downtown Wedding-25.jpg Downtown Wedding-26.jpg Downtown Wedding-24.jpg Downtown Wedding-40.jpg Downtown Wedding-41.jpg Downtown Wedding-30.jpg Downtown Wedding-34.jpg Downtown Wedding-38.jpg Downtown Wedding-36.jpg Downtown Wedding-32.jpg Downtown Wedding-39.jpg Downtown Wedding-42.jpg Downtown Wedding-43.jpg Downtown Wedding-49.jpg Downtown Wedding-47.jpg Downtown Wedding-111.jpg Downtown Wedding-50.jpg Downtown Wedding-52.jpg Downtown Wedding-53.jpg Downtown Wedding-54.jpg Downtown Wedding-56.jpg

I think we should ALWAYS do first looks with your Mom’s… because how cute!

Downtown Wedding-57.jpg

Downtown Wedding-58.jpg Downtown Wedding-59.jpg Downtown Wedding-60.jpg Downtown Wedding-62.jpg Downtown Wedding-66.jpg Downtown Wedding-64.jpg Downtown Wedding-68.jpg Downtown Wedding-69.jpg Downtown Wedding-65.jpg Downtown Wedding-73.jpg Downtown Wedding-74.jpg Downtown Wedding-72.jpg Downtown Wedding-84.jpg Downtown Wedding-82.jpg Downtown Wedding-86.jpg Downtown Wedding-79.jpg Downtown Wedding-80.jpg Downtown Wedding-88.jpg Downtown Wedding-78.jpg Downtown Wedding-91.jpg Downtown Wedding-89.jpg Downtown Wedding-92.jpg Downtown Wedding-96.jpg Downtown Wedding-94.jpg Downtown Wedding-93.jpg Downtown Wedding-98.jpg Downtown Wedding-99.jpg Downtown Wedding-102.jpg Downtown Wedding-101.jpg Downtown Wedding-106.jpg Downtown Wedding-103.jpg Downtown Wedding-108.jpg Downtown Wedding-109.jpg Downtown Wedding-112.jpg Downtown Wedding-113.jpg Downtown Wedding-114.jpg Downtown Wedding-115.jpg Downtown Wedding-119.jpg Downtown Wedding-120.jpg Downtown Wedding-118.jpg Downtown Wedding-126.jpg Downtown Wedding-121.jpg Downtown Wedding-122.jpg Downtown Wedding-123.jpg Downtown Wedding-131.jpg Downtown Wedding-128.jpg Downtown Wedding-129.jpg Downtown Wedding-132.jpg Downtown Wedding-134.jpg Downtown Wedding-142.jpg Downtown Wedding-130.jpg Downtown Wedding-127.jpg Downtown Wedding-133.jpg Downtown Wedding-143.jpg Downtown Wedding-144.jpg Downtown Wedding-136.jpg Downtown Wedding-138.jpg Downtown Wedding-139.jpg Downtown Wedding-145.jpg Downtown Wedding-146.jpg


Venue: The Ultimate Sky Box, San Diego

Coordinator: Rachael Mendoza, Creative Affairs

Hair: Chelsea

Make-up: Andrea

Caterer: Root Cellar

Bar: Snake Oil and Cocktail Contact: Lindsay

Rentals: Event Party Rentals

Photographer: MFD Photography

Officiant+ DJ: Thomas Giglio

Florist: Elegant Touch Floral

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